A Secret History

After previously successfully retracing the tragiclife story of Sonny Boy, Van der Zijl now ventures into the search for the truth behind the myth of prince Bernhard. She worked her way through all the smoke screens which had been drawn up around him over the course of the years and travelled through the history of Europe, looking for the lost world from which he came and the young boy he once was.

Besides being a biography of Bernhard the book is also a search for pre-First World War Germany. It paints an amazing portrait of Germany at the beginning of the 20th century and of the First World War in that country. The result is a story of Faustian allure.

‘Can’t put it down reading’ James Kennedy
‘A superior biography’ Vrij Nederland
‘A magnificent book. My compliments!’ Geert Mak
‘The unsurpassed queen of theliterary non fiction.’ NRC Handelsblad

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