Gerard Heineken

the Man, the Cityand the Beer

Every day, millions of people around the world drink Heineken beer. It all began in 1863 with one man:Gerard Heineken. Back in those days, Amsterdamwas a stinking, desolate city. Heineken was oneof the frontrunners of the industrial revolution in the Netherlands, and the driving force behind the Rijksmuseum.

But a success story isn’t complete without drama. When, after fifteen years of marriage his son Henry was born, it was clear to everyone that a family friendwas the father. A few years later Gerard died andleft the company to his bastard son, who, like a trueHeineken, turned the company into the successful imperium that would later be expanded by his son, Freddy Heineken.
The history of Amsterdam, the history of thecompany and family history run seamlesslytogether ina thrilling and fascinating non-fiction book that readslike a novel.

‘Delightful and clear… a realpage-turner.’ – NRC Handelsblad
‘Every businessman should read thisbook!’ – TrosNieuwsshow

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