The fall of Annika S.

The world of the ambitious German politician Annika Schaefer collapses when it is made public that she has been lying about her past. To escape the wrath of her fellow party members and her well to do family in law, she flees to a holiday resort on the Dutch coast where she spent a summer with her grandparents. But even there, cut off from the world she fought so hard to be admitted to, the past wont leave her be. It seems she isn’t the only one there with that problem…

The fall of Annika S. is the first title in a series of suspense novels, which marks a new direction in Van der Zijl’s career, although she isn’t entirely unfamiliar with the genre as she started her career as a crime journalist. The duo add an interesting voice to the genre of suspense fiction, they combine solid research and a smooth and compelling writing style, with complex characters and ingenious intrigue.

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